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Little communicates the capabilities and value of high-horsepower, specialized equipment more effectively than well-conceived photography. Working closely with a variety of heavy-equipment manufacturers, Mediaworks’ portfolio includes a wide range of stock image assets.

Over the past 17 years, we have also compiled our own unique bank of complementary image assets from across the United States. This bank—with images numbering in the thousands—depicts industry-leading equipment at work in real applications, operated by real people … with real investment in the equipment, process and end result.

Mediaworks’ customers have come to rely upon this collection of assets as a definitive photographic resource. It is employed across various marketing media covering product performance, customer jobsite activity, in-house and field product support, technician training, dealership events and trade shows, etc.

Effective visual communication is critical in creating compelling differentiation of your company’s products and services. Put the Power of Photography to work for your business by calling (614) 718-9777 today.